Shane "The Engineer" Carwin Ultimate Collector Series 5 in Octagon Packaging

Shane “The Engineer” Carwin Ultimate Collector Series 5 – Octagon Packaging

Name: Shane “The Engineer” Carwin
Manufacturer: Round 5 Collectors
Series: Ultimate Collector Series 5 – Octagon Packaging*
Release Date: March 2011
Item Details: Ultimate Fighting Championship 6″ Action Figure
*Round 5 Collectibles initially released Ultimate Collector Series 5 figures in a new octagon style package. It is believed that, after complaints from collectors that these packages didn’t display well next to figures from previous series’, Round 5 released a batch of them in the standard square packaging. Although I can’t locate the press release or confirmation from Damon Lau / Round 5 regarding how many of the figures were released in the square packaging, it is rumored that a total of 4000 of them were produced. If that number is accurate, that would mean approximately 667 (4000 total figures produced / 6 different figures in the series) of each figure was released in the square packaging for Ultimate Collector Series 5.

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