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Poster Gallery

by James ~ February 4th, 2014

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In addition to being an avid UFC fan & Round 5 collector, I am also pretty decent with various photo editing tools & have the ability (in most cases) to upsize / resize / enlarge almost any digital photo or image. Below you will find some of the work I have done in the past for myself & others. The images here are low-rez versions of the final product but the enlarged size is depicted in the caption for each photo.

If you would like to see a watermarked version of any of the final products below just let me know &  I will be glad to either upload it to the site & provide you with a link or email it to you. If you would like one of the photos below in a size not listed here, just let me know what dimensions you are looking for & I will let you know how close I can get it.

 Image / Photo Editing Service

1) Generally speaking, I can increase or decrease the size of most digital images while maintaining (or even improving) it’s original resolution.

2) For individual photo resizing orders I will do the work prior to requiring payment. Once the work is done I will provide the contractor with a watermarked version of the final photo for approval. Payment is due upon approval; I will send the photo once payment is received.

3) For large photo resizing orders I MAY ask for some payment upfront depending on the circumstances.

4) Generally speaking I charge $10 to resize an image; payment must be made via PayPal gift. Prices are somewhat negotiable for larger orders.

5) Final product quality is largely dependent upon the initial image quality; the better the quality up front (the higher the resolution, the steadier the photographers hand, the larger the image, the higher the ppi, etc), the better the final results will be…I’m pretty damn good BUT I can’t work miracles!

6) Unless other arrangements are made ahead of time, all images are delivered digitally…it is the responsibility of the contractor to have them printed.

A Couple of Things I Won’t Do

1) I won’t knowingly resize an image that an artist, model or fighter is already selling through their own avenues.

2) I won’t knowingly remove any copyright watermarks or inscriptions from photos…I don’t mind enlarging photos for people to have them signed or framed or whatever but I believe the original artists & models should always be credited.

 *DISCLAIMER* – I am not the original photographer of any of the images below. When you retain me to resize an image for you, you are paying me for the work, time & resources it takes me to accomplish the job; NOT for the image itself.