Price: $19.95

Package Included:
30 X 100Ω Resistors

30 X 1 kΩ Resistors
30 X 4.7 kΩ Resistors
30 X 10 kΩ Resistors
30 X 47 kΩ Resistors
30 X 100 kΩ Resistors
30 X 1 MΩ Resistors
2 X 3pin 15mm B10k Rotary Potentiometer
2 X 3pin 15mm B100k Rotary Potentiometer
3 X Red 5mm LED
3 X Yellow 5mm LED
3 X Green 5mm LED
3 X White 5mm LED
3 X 4pin 12x12mm Tactile Switch
9 X 12x12mm Round Tactile Button Cap (mixed color)
6 X 12x12mm Square Tactile Button Cap (mixed color)
2 X 40pin 2.54mm single pin male
1 X 140pcs Breadboard Jumper Cable Wire Kit
1 X Breadboard Board 830 Points
1 X MB102 Power Supply Module
1 X 65PCS Jumper cables
Electronics fans component package Kit For Arduino Starter Courses
This is the most complete kit for Arduino starters.

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